Older People Life Insurance Coverage for Diabetics!

Ask any senior citizen who has diabetes if he or she is considering purchasing life insurance for elderly and the answer is likely to be “no”. The vast majority of people in this situation resign without prospecting the market for eventual possibilities of obtaining coverage.

No one can deny that acquiring elderly life insurance coverage for diabetics is quite hard and with little chances of success, but at least they can give it a try and ask risk impaired brokers for assistance. If you don’t take the risk, you may never have the opportunity of becoming insured.

The possibility of being accepted depend greatly on the type of diabetes you suffer. Persons with type 1 diabetes are typically preferred, while those suffering of type 2 diabetes are a bit disadvantages. This was the situation until recently, when a major insurer created a new window of opportunity for type 2 diabetes.

Since then, several persons have successfully applied. There are some issues that you should know. Companies will want to know if you can keep your diabetes under control and what treatment you use. For that, you have to present some medical results, especially the results for A1C test (glycated hemoglobin test). Insurers prefer clients with a score of 7.5 or lower for the latest A1C test.

Other relevant criterions of selection are the date when diabetes was diagnosed and absence of other risk factors (heart diseases, cancer, weight problems and other chronic diseases).

Age is yet another problem. A few companies accept to work with sick older people, while others categorically refuse it. As you can see, there are a few chances, but you need to know where to look and who to call for help. Life insurance agent and online brokerage websites can be used to scan the market for potential offers and contact tolerable companies.

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